Our first consultation will be a FREE 30 minute call in which I will give you time to discuss with me the issues that you are dealing with. I will then give you feedback as to the approach I think best suits your situation.

I will let you know the benefits of the approaches that I offer and why that makes sense given your situation. My services are always tailored to YOUR specific needs. YOU ultimately have the final say in how we proceed and you are welcome to take your time and think things over. You will always have access to me via my website and can always sign up for a session on my CONTACT page at any time.

When I provide services for people I enter a relationship with them. I care about how I treat you and will be honest and fair in our dealings.


During our first session I will remind you how I will treat confidentiality between us. I cannot and will not share any information from sessions with anyone else. If I am contacted by anyone or any agency I will contact you directly after the communication to find out how you want to proceed. THE FIRST CALL IS FREE. Each correspnoding inquiry will be an extra $25.00 for me to handle. I will tell you how I think that any inquiry will affect you and the work that we are doing together. I will also tell you how the inquiry will affect me. I will take time in session to help you more effectively deal with any inquiries from officials and the agencies that they represent. I will offer to help you compose a written response that we both agree to and send it DIRECTLY to you for you to handle.YOU are ultimately in control.


During our first session, I will make sure that you have in your possession the local crisis number. Rest assured that my intention is to stabilize you enough so that crisis professionals do not have to be accessed.
Our ability to limit crisis calls depends on three things
    1) Your commitment to the work
    2) The financial resources to make sessions possible. (On my Resources page you will find connections to financial resources to help fund our sessions)and
    3) The ability and commitment to reach out for help when you are feeling overwhelmed and "out of control".

All this said, I return crisis calls and will not let you flounder alone. I am a sole practitioner so I may not be able to get to you as soon as you call. I do return calls! If you are in immediate need and cannot reach me, you are encouraged to call your localCRISIS Lineor have a family member or friend take you to the Emergency Room of your local hospital. You can call me from there. The first call will be free. The second will prompt me to suggest scheduling more sessions. I want to keep all my clients from having to experience crisis situations, however I cannot do that alone!


I am not interested in making you dependent on me. I want to challenge you enough so that between sessions you are encouraged to use the skills that we have explored during sessions WITHOUT BEING OVERWHELMED. Our sessions will be either 45 or 60 minutes. If we are finishing at the end of our time period, we are scheduled exactly as we need to be. If we run out of things to say before our time is up, we need to schedule sessions further apart. If we are still talking after the session time has lapsed, we need to schedule more sessions.

Be sure to check out the menu for services that may pertain to your needs

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