Families and couples are handled in similar ways. I am not interested in donning a referee's uniform to try to keep family dynamics safe while in session. Members of families start by visiting me individually so that I can get to know individuals.

Family Systems Theory acknowledges the role that each person holds within the family unit. That role helps keep the family unit stable, even if it is dysfunctional. For that reason,each person is encouraged to understand themselves outside the family unit.

This technique helps individuals to better understand their role within the family and given the option to accept or redefine the role that they wish for themselves within that unit. The best part of this part of this approach lies in the fact that even when all family members are not involved, incorporating understanding and choice for those engaged begins to change the family dynamic in its entirety.

True family sessions are left to address specific problems and like couple's sessions are goal oriented. With better understanding of individual roles and triggers, communication is more easily facilitated and respectful interactions maintained through the process.

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