I provide a free 30 minute initial phone consultation. During our conversation I will be better able to assist you in determining the treatment best suited for your situation.

Every time you interact with me I will be checking in with you to determine whether my suggestions and advice make sense given your understanding of your own situation.

There are many ways to confront the issues that we face as human beings with strength, grace and purpose.

That starts when we receive respect from the people we seek help from. Lack of respect from agencies, counselors, therapists and psychiatrists create the reason why many people fail to change their life circumstances.

We as treatment providers do not hold the answers you seek, you do. If you are brave enough to look into yourself, and we are talented enough to reflect those truths to you in ways that you can access, you will find your way.

The world can be yours if you open enough to yourself to access it. Let's begin your healing journey. I can be reached via email by clicking here, Facebook or by phone at 360-856-2871Content Frame starts here

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